Engaging classroom management tool.

Submitted 9 years ago
Darren D.
Darren D.
Cottonwood Creek Elementary School
Englewood CO, US
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My Take

ClassDojo needs to be displayed on a screen or Smartboard to be most effective. Students can visually see who received or lost a point in real-time. A bell also signals a student and class when a point was given or deleted. However, after several weeks the effectiveness and novelty of the tool seemed to wear off on the students. Additionally, the teacher needs to be cognizant of projecting the program on the screen which displaces the opportunity to use the screen for other purposes. All in all, an engaging tool for younger students, but it will become tarnished quickly becoming ineffective.

How I Use It

ClassDojo is an engaging classroom management tool that allows for quick import of a class list. Once a class list is imported, the site creates avatars for each individual student. When the avatar is clicked using a Smartboard or computer a list of options for positive and negative behavior pops up on the screen. The teacher can select which badge to award the student and the student then receives a point. If the student falls under zero points they receive a negative red point. ClassDojo allows students to personalize their individual avatars via a printed code handed out to the class. A nice feature, ClassDojo will send an email to the parents at the end of the week summarizing the child's behavior using graphics. I used this program with K-5, and found it typically held the interest of students at the primary levels for a greater period of time.