Class DOJO Rocks

Submitted 9 years ago
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Students work on point systems in my class to earn free time on Friday. Parents are notified when student's earn or loose points.

How I Use It

Class Dojo is a life saver when it comes to keeping track of what students behave or which ones misbehave. There are pre-made behavior tabs already installed, but I have added more such as: homework, music behavior, cafeteria behavior, group participation.

Each week I give my students a goal of 10 points or more in order to enjoy free time on Friday. They earn 1 point for doing homework, depending on the day they receive 1 point for music behavior ( my student's have a hard time in music class) they receive participation points ect... On the contrary, they also loose points for not participating in class, being off task, and NO homework. I love this app/website.
Why... Because Now parents are involved with behavior in class. All parents have access to their child's Classdojo account. When they receive a point or loose a point a parent's account is notified. Even if parent's haven't signed up online Teacher's can print a report at the end of the week summing up their behavior.
It's so easy , and it's fun.