Great tool for keeping students engaged and on track

Submitted 9 years ago
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I think its a great way of motivating students and maintaining ongoing feedback with parents. I like that I can give feedback, both positive and negative with both minimal effort and minimal time. It takes less time to quickly note one child's effort or another's distraction than taking notes on the board or in my notes. It is also adaptable enough for me to add participation in optional or required assignments outside the classroom. Being able to project it on a screen also makes sure that students are aware of their own actions.

How I Use It

I use it to help manage the classroom trying to give as much positive reinforcement as possible and balancing that with negative feedback when necessary. I like to either keep it projected on a screen so that students can monitor their own behavior or frequently put it onscreen throughout the day. I've found that students are now doing a much better job of self-monitoring themselves. I've also used it to replace or supplement extra-credit poster board charts in the classroom to keep track of everything they do outside of the classroom to earn credit. I have found students to have been much more on task and that I've had to spend much less time in discipline since starting to use ClassDojo.

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