Motivates teenagers with its adaptability and customize-able monsters! Pleases parents and teachers with its reports.

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I know that it says K-6 but I use ClassDojo with my 10th graders! They love it and their parents love the weekly reports. I love it because of the flexibility of the app and browser use, how quick and easy it is to setup a class and add/delete students, that I can modify the behaviors I track in my classroom... so many things! ClassDojo is a great tool for teaching students about making positive behavior choices in the classroom. The ClassDojo team is great at troubleshooting issues and adding new features based upon teacher feedback. It is my second year using Dojo and won't be my last!

How I Use It

I use weighting in my class and class participation is worth 10% of a student's final grade for the marking period. My students receive a weekly class participation grade that is directly tied to the points that they gain/lose through Dojo. Each student begins with week with 15 out of 20 class participation points. They receive positive or negative points throughout the week based upon their behavior in class with the goal of building up to 20 points. Throughout the week, students can receive positive points for being on task, contributing to discussions, being prepared, and good work. They receive negative points for being off task, disruptive, unprepared, or misusing technology. If a student loses more than 3 participation points in one class period, he/she is assigned a teacher detention and asked to stay after school so that we can discuss how to stop the negative behaviors. At the end of the week, I look to see how many points the student has in their Class Dojo account and add or subtract it from 15. So, for example, if a student has a +2 at the end of the week, he/she would receive a 17/20 for class participation. If a student has a -1 at the end of the week, he/she would receive a 14/20 for the week. Since I began using ClassDojo with my students, I have seen a HUGE increase in willingness and eagerness to participate in class discussion. I have had students write in their freewrite journal entries that they have set goals to not lose points and to gain points so that they can receive a 100% for their class participation grade each week. I have parents who send me notes and emails telling me how much they love and appreciate that I am using this with my students. ClassDojo has changed how I use class participation while teaching as well as how my students and parents view it.

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