Easy and useful way to motivate students!

Submitted 9 years ago
Liz m.
Liz m.
Pelham Middle School
Pelham NY, US
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More of a classroom management tool than a learning tool, this app/website has helped me in every classroom I've taught in! I like this product because of the app and website connection. Each student gets their own login, which allows parents AND students to see what they're doing in the classroom. Students of ALL ages are able to use this and be motivated to do well.

How I Use It

I use this in the classroom to collect weekly "points" and as a behavior chart. Students are motivated to behave well and do their best when they know that Class Dojo is on. Sound effects alert children to when points are being taken or given. At the end of the week, students get small tokens related to how many Dojo points they have. The tokens can be used to purchase things in the classroom. It's a good way of having students work towards a goal. It's also good for singular students who are behaving well when most of the class is not :)

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