Great classroom management system that is easy to use - wish that I could export data.

Submitted 9 years ago
Alli S.
Alli S.
Student Resource Center Coordinator
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ClassDojo is a great classroom management tool. It easily tracks student behaviors both positive and negative. I really like that I am able to customize the behaviors. It is easy to set up by copying and pasting a list of students into the app. I am able to provide feedback to my students on how they are meeting classroom expectations on a daily basis. There is an option to keep parents up to date with the data as well (although I am not currently using this feature). My only complaint is that currently you cannot export the data to a spreadsheet or document. It would be the perfect app if it had that feature. I tend to try and manipulate classroom data and am limited in doing so.

How I Use It

I run a supported study hall in a high school setting. I need to gather data on behaviors that my students are supposed to be demonstrating (study skills, organization, good work habits, etc). Each period I check whether students have written down their assignments and whether or not they are working during the period. I also keep track of weekly behaviors – checking grades, parent contact, and organization check. I also keep track of what students are working on - HW completion, reading, or remediation. On the flip side I record what students are not doing on a daily basis. I have spent the first few months of school trying to figure out an easy way to collect all of this data. I've tried other programs and systems but ClassDojo has been the best classroom management system for me that I've used. ClassDojo allows me to do all of this each period, quickly and easily. If I need to add a behavior that comes up throughout the day I can easily add that to my list of behaviors for that class. I am in the process of developing a behavior management system in my classes where students can earn extra privileges – listening to music, sitting on the couch, using the comfy chair and even class rewards of food - based on how many points they earned for the week. Students have input into what privileges they can earn so there is great buy-in to the system. They are very excited about all of the ways they can earn points. Students like that they can see their totals by logging onto the ClassDojo website.

ClassDojo also allows me to be reflective on the behavior of my students. I don't have formal lesson planning or teach lessons to a whole group in this setting but I do help students develop skills they need to be successful - mainly self-advocacy skills, study skills and organizational skills. I'm able to target my focus on certain students and on certain skills with the help of ClassDojo. I can get a quick snapshot of each class and/or each student using the reports feature. The only issue I have with the report feature is the inability to export the data. It would be perfect if I could manipulate the data in a spreadsheet as well.

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