Easy-to-use effective classroom management tool.

Submitted 9 years ago
Alex V.
Alex V.
Wiley Elementary School
Urbana IL, US
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My Take

ClassDojo isn't an academic learning tool, but it is a fantastic social/emotional learning tool. After setting up a free classroom account (5-15 minutes, depending on how long it takes for you to type), educators are able to track students behavior and award points. Students receive one point for positive behaviors, such as being on task, showing respect, helping others, participating, or listening. They lose one point for negative behaviors, such as talking, being disrespectful, being off task, disrupting, or being out of their seat. Points can be awarded as often or as little as the teacher desires.

Each student can be given an access code to change their avatar and monitor their own behavior from home. Additionally, and what I think of as the true power of this tool, parents can be given an access code so that they can monitor their children's behavior throughout the day, any time they want. At the end of the week, parents who have signed up are given a weekly report showing strengths, weaknesses, and overall score.

How I Use It

My students LOVE ClassDojo! I use it most often during independent work times. It can be used online or via a free app. I prefer to use the iPad app because it gives me the most flexibility in awarding points unobtrusively and while on the go. Classroom management takes on a whole new level as students come to own their behaviors and learn how to earn back points by showing positive behaviors!