Making Learning a Game!

Submitted 6 months ago
Chip K.
Chip K.
Vasquez High School
Acton CA, US
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Curious enough, CC is designed primarily for behavioral management but I do not use it in that capacity. I utilize the Quest function to add variety to their HW practice after a lesson in class. Occasionally, I will also do a Boss Battle, which are very, VERY popular with the students.
I would like to see a timer function added to this to prevent a team or student from stalling the class.

How I Use It

I teach math, high school level math. As such, I do what I can to get student interest in the subject matter as best I can. I am also cognizant of the levels of math proficiency can be daunting.
To that end, I use Class Craft to engage the students in a fantasy-themed environment in which there efforts pay off with 'real world' rewards. For example, I set each of the characters' powers to have the students earn HW passes for themselves and/or their team. They can earn extra time to turn in an assignment penalty free and other incentives. Some students don't care, but my experience has shown, surprisingly, that a number of students do enjoy the Quests and the fantasy themes.
I have also, over the years, written a number of Quest assignments that tap into the need to differentiate my instruction and their practice. Also, allowing choices along the path gives students a sense of taking control of their learning as well as give them a safe venue to try and expand their understanding.