Engagement, Fun and Even Pride!

Submitted 7 months ago
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My Take

First and foremost, the students love it and they engage and use all the possibilities Classcraft has to offer. They write Kudos to each other, they use their power to protect each other, and they are looking forward to unlock new levels and new equipment for their character.

The fact that they are really into it (I teach in Grade 6) is super great as a teacher, because using Classcraft is always perceived as a treat. They get to engage in learning opportunities while being thrilled to do them.

I even heard some of my students tell other students in other grades that they will get to experiment with Classcraft too when they'll be in grade 6, and that, "Classcraft is the best and wayyy better than so and so". (They have used other platforms in their other classes prior to coming in my class this year).

In conclusion, a big THANK YOU to the Classcraft team. One last thing I really like about them, is that they keep updating and upgrading their platform to make it better! Kudos to them!

How I Use It

I mostly use Classcraft in one of three ways :
1 - A classroom behavior management system
2 - Quests for the early finishers (On the same topic seen as a group, but going deeper)
3 - Quests for the whole classroom to encourage engagement, reading and other extra-curricular activities but that I think is a must (learning to type properly on a keyboard for exemple). I also created an "Escape Quest", where they can use their crystals to trade against one access to ONE escape game per day, if they are done with their work.