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Maturely covers difficult physical and mental health issues

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Pros: The well-written articles cover many topics and have accurate and relevant information.

Cons: Unless you're looking for something specific, the encyclopedic format may be a bit difficult to navigate.

Bottom Line: Girls can go here to get answers on health and wellness issues that affect them.

There are no supplementary materials for the classroom, but teachers could assign articles as lesson supplements, discussion starters, or research on projects and assignments. You can also encourage girls to go here on their own to explore sometimes awkward topics.

The Quizzes section helps girls ask the right questions about health, social, and emotional issues. In "Are you street smart?" girls try to give appropriate responses to suspicious strangers. Both right and wrong answers get a text explanation. Quiz content is appropriate, and quizzes vary in style and quality. It would be nice if they were scored at the end to give teens an overall idea of how health-savvy they are.

Teen and tween girls get quality health info at Center for Young Women's Health, a website sponsored by Boston Children's Hospital. Articles are arranged alphabetically and by topic, and each is available in English and Spanish. Overall, they're well-written and reliable. Quizzes address topics like "Are you ready for sex?" and "Polycystic Ovary Syndrome Quiz."

This straightforward reference site has quizzes and parent guides, as well as health guides divided by topic such as Nutrition & Fitness, Sexuality & Health, Health & Development, Gynecology, and Emotional Health. The long list of articles may be easier to browse alphabetically. For a more casual format, teens can follow a link to a sister site,, which has similar topics.

Some highlights include an extensive section on puberty and menstruation, a great resource for younger girls. They can read about evergreen issues like PMS and more contemporary concerns like finding environmentally friendly menstrual products.

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Kids who know what they're looking for will find accurate, thoughtful information about the health issues they care about. The site isn't built for casual browsing, so guided use could be helpful in the classroom.


Encyclopedic site offers a good range of content that concerns its target group of teen and tween girls. The site doesn't offer any built-in teaching modules beyond some superficial quizzes and a page with articles aimed at parents.


Spanish and English versions are available for all of the written content. Parent Guides provide useful articles for parents on a wide range of issues that affect their daughters.

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A great way for teenage girls to learn about their health

This app is a great tool for teenage girls to learn about their bodies. A lot of times these young girls are going through changes that they are unaware of. This app answers a variety of questions that the students may have, or that they would have never thought of. I highly recommend this app, for it creates an emotionally safe learning environment for these young girls and they are able to comfortably learn about their growing bodies.

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