Great way to get students involved in cell bio!

Submitted 6 years ago
Holly C.
Holly C.
Rio Vista High School
Rio Vista CA, US
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My Take

First, there is the interactive component for the students that involves games, assessments and other tools. The teacher version allows direct access to the students work in real time so if any student is stuck in a particular spot, the teacher can see exactly what is going on, also acts as a progress monitor. On the website there is a very detailed lesson plan that outlines what standards are being utilized, materials needed, how long each lesson will take, various activities to do in class hands on so that the game itself is only used as a tool to enhance the learning and not take over completely. I think it is great that an application is able to offer a total lesson plan showing how to incorporate the game and online portions into the grand scheme of lesson planning. Definitely designed to take some strain off of the instructor, and make the topic more enjoyable for the students

How I Use It

I would use this product to enhance my CP Biology classes understanding of the animal cell. This can be a dry and challenging subject to comprehend so the use of this app should help the students for cognitive connections on how organelles work together to have a functional cell.