Interactive Storyline for Biology

Submitted 8 years ago
Michael G.
Michael G.
Bayshore Middle School
Leonardo NJ, US
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My Take

I think that it is a fantastic program that explains the complexity of Biology in a fun and interactive manner.
Students with disabilities may need partner help to work on the portions with a time limit.
Can be a great way to host a small group study before an assessment.
Works best on desktop or laptop. Some problems loading with Chromebook. Can work with Safari browser in iPad.

How I Use It

Cell Command is a game style learning system published by Filament Games [] that explores the complex world of Biology. You are a defender and are charged with protecting your guardian person by curing their ailments. To find the cure, you must understand how the body works from a cellular level to a systemic level. You learn how cells interact and create complex systems that help protect the human body. You also learn other important aspects like the RNA sequence codon using nucleotides.
It is a very interesting game, and works well with most all student learners. Some parts are timed so students with cognitive or reading disabilities may need to work with a partner. Also, the game is long, so as a teacher you must determine how to incorporate in your lesson plan.
Good resource for exam review!