Amazing creativity platform for teachers and students!

Submitted 2 years ago
Synovia W.
Synovia W.
Spring Valley Elementary
O Neals CA, US
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My Take

My overall opinion of this tool is great. I appreciate how it has so many options and details when it comes to creating a poster, a document, or even an info graph. They options are truly limitless! The only thing that I will say is that it seems to be a little easier to manage with a touch screen device. I myself have an iPad, while my students used computers, and the use of a finger on-screen seemed to be a bit easier . But other than that slight factor, this tool is very useful not only for assignments, but also announcements, background pictures, lesson plans, and so much more!

How I Use It

I used this product for a specific assignment with my students. I was new to the app, so I wanted to try it out to see if it would be something I would use regularly, or if it would be a one time thing. I had my students create a poster displaying their project data. It worked great! It allowed them to be creative with their own mind and with no specific guidelines. I saw an artistic side that so many of them had never shown me before. I appreciate how Canva already has a list of preset options, and how my students can just run with it! This is a must use for any teach of any grade level. Whether you think your students will be able to manage it or not, you yourself definitely can! It can add some spice to your lessons!