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Good visuals and easy to use

Great website
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Great creativity tool

Canva is a great tool for students for helping their imagination coming to life. Creating banners, posters, and putting together projects on this website is easy and free. Users on Canva are able to choose through a large variety of premade designs, and tailor it with their own touches (such as their own pictures, phrases, designs, colors, etc.)
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Canva is your go-to resource for any type of web design! Whether it be a presentation, poster, flyer, brochure, or anything else, Canva has the templates and tools for you to give your viewers an eye-catching experience!

Canva should be encouraged in the classrooms for any sort of web design or project. You can implement your creativity while also having a professional end product. If you ever need to make a presentation, flyer, brochure, ad, letter, or any other digital project, Canva will let you chose from thousands of custom templates. You can even add in your own backgrounds, animations, resizing, fonts, folders, and more! Canva also gives you the opportunity to create a "team", where you can collaborate with other people on your professional graphic designs. This software will save you so much time and you'll be set to display your creative ideas!
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Amazing creativity platform for teachers and students!

My overall opinion of this tool is great. I appreciate how it has so many options and details when it comes to creating a poster, a document, or even an info graph. They options are truly limitless! The only thing that I will say is that it seems to be a little easier to manage with a touch screen device. I myself have an iPad, while my students used computers, and the use of a finger on-screen seemed to be a bit easier . But other than that slight factor, this tool is very useful not only for assignments, but also announcements, background pictures, lesson plans, and so much more!
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Opportunities are endless

Canva is an app that I can describe as a graphic design center for all. The app is very easy to use and one can spend as little or as much time as they’d like creating beautiful content for their classroom. Canva offers both a free and pro version. The free version has plenty of content available to the user however the pro version does provide access to more options. Canva for Education is free to teachers once verified. Teachers have the option to link their Google classroom or opt to manually input student’s email. Google classroom can be linked directly through Canva and teachers can assign and view submitted work. It is important to note that students who are under the age of 13 must attain their parent’s permission to join Canva and users over the age of 13 must still accept the teacher’s invitation to join. One concern regarding Canva in the classroom is whether there are restrictions to prevent students from accessing inappropriate content within the classroom.
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Really Good for Creativity and Design!

I think the product is a good teaching tool for kids trying to better learn creative design.
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Great for keeping the focus on the actual information rather than art

I love the thousands of options there are in this app. There are so many different creations to choose from and the possibility to change it up and make the edit your own as well. Since many classes like to use projects for grades, This eliminated the time and stress on the actual look of the project without taking time away from the words the student needs to use.
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Easy use yet looks very professional

I like canva as a teaching tool because of how it can be used for many purposes in teaching. It is also very easy to use and students would be able to get creative with how they want their work to turn out. This can serve my teaching better because of how I would be able to use the presentation template and other templates to implement in teaching.
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Amazing Tool for Helping with Anything Artsy

Canva is very useful in creating any visual material. It is very user friendly and helps any graphic or poster look professional. It also happens to be free and has an abundant amount of elements, templates and other useful things to put in your poster, card, or video. Absolutely recommend using Canva in classrooms to enhance projects.
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App is great for using flyers!

The app can be used as a teaching tool since there's many options to go through to design anything of your needs. The app has some demo projects to give you a better understand on how to build your canvas!
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