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Canva is an app that I can describe as a graphic design center for all. The app is very easy to use and one can spend as little or as much time as they’d like creating beautiful content for their classroom. Canva offers both a free and pro version. The free version has plenty of content available to the user however the pro version does provide access to more options. Canva for Education is free to teachers once verified. Teachers have the option to link their Google classroom or opt to manually input student’s email. Google classroom can be linked directly through Canva and teachers can assign and view submitted work. It is important to note that students who are under the age of 13 must attain their parent’s permission to join Canva and users over the age of 13 must still accept the teacher’s invitation to join. One concern regarding Canva in the classroom is whether there are restrictions to prevent students from accessing inappropriate content within the classroom.

How I Use It

Canva can transform your virtual classroom into a beautiful, creative, and colorful environment for students. While there is the option to create your own content there are also various free templates available for teachers ranging from presentations, Google classroom headers, lesson plans, worksheets, flashcards, and much more. Each template is fully customizable which makes it incredibly easy for teachers to modify the template to fit the needs of their classroom. Students can also access the free content of Canva and collaborate with one another as well which is incredibly useful during virtual learning. Canva allows for teachers to enhance the assignments the students are working on while also making it possible to completely transform and assign new assignments that differ from the typical book report or slideshow. The possibilities are endless with Canva.