Canva makes me look like I know how to do graphic design.

Submitted 3 years ago
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My Take

I have been using Canva for about a year, and I don't have a complaint. My favorite thing is the usability for all levels, the templates provided and the ability to use your branding and fonts. It creates a simple platform for students to begin to find their way with graphic design. Canva is extremely user-friendly. The drag and drop feature and templates make it easy to create impactful designs. Students will feel empowered to do campaigns, presentations and beautify projects with little instruction. Students are able to express their creativity and find their way through the program. The online version is better than the app itself, though the app is useful as well. Through the online version, you can use branding and templates not available on the app. I would like the online version to convert and save to the app so users can go between devices.

How I Use It

Canva is an excellent tool for both teachers and students. For a teacher, it helps to create lessons for the visual learner easily and artistically. I use Canva to create slides, graphics, and visuals. I am not a great graphic designer, but with Canva it allows me to DIY my graphics. For students, it gets them started in the basics of graphic design. It enables them to begin to create presentations, campaigns, etc. and pique their interest for design that may lead to more graphic design on their own. It is easy and creates a great product. I like the templates they provide.