This is a great tool for a journalism class that creates content for social media. Using the functions within this program/app students are able to easily discuss and apply design and image elements.

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C S.
C S.
Capital High School
Olympia WA, US
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I enjoyed sending students to a place where resources were present. It saved time so students could focus on content and design elements. Some students felt stifled by being within a site when they had already created social media content in their own life.

How I Use It

I created teams in my journalism class. Each team was a social media unit. Within each team was an editor and their content creator who needed to report back their media posts to the editor. For each media post, they needed to collaborate and reflect on their content proving how they successfully navigated the filters for each social media post for timeliness, proximity, relevancy, impact, novelty, conflict, human interest, and prominence. Additionally, each post needed to fulfill an image design like, rule of thirds, disappearing lines...