Good tool for discussing visual texts and image elements.

Submitted 3 years ago
Aaron S.
Aaron S.
Capital High School
Olympia WA, US
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This is a good introduction to ideas for the unit, and helps students with some self-guided research of the different layouts available to them as technology users and consumers. My use of it as an example / discussion tool is limited though -- I really didn't have students use a wide variety of the possible applications. My course discusses different features of media and how they are used effectively, but We are not routinely engaged in creating media. For other IB Lang&Lit teachers, this may be an interesting tool if a student wanted to work with social media as part of Written Task One or the Further Oral Activity

How I Use It

This is a good tool for teaching students about layout and image elements. I used this as part of a IB Language and Literature unit dealing with electronic, interactive, and social media. The tools and templates on Canva helped show different elements of social media and helped us discuss, compare, and contrast the different layouts of the media. This is also a good resource for resume writing; the templates available are more modern and varied than those commonly available on out current word processing application.