Love Canva!

Submitted 4 years ago
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My Take

Canva is a great tool for older students looking to create. There are hundreds of templates, including storyboard and poster tools. I would recommend it for students 10 and up, who have some prior experience with editing photos. I am surprised that it is completely free, considering how awesome the graphics are! Canva will help me create tools and visuals as a teacher and will allow my students to produce their own visuals in collaborative groups.

How I Use It

I have used this product on my MacBook Pro and on my iPhone. On the MacBook, Canva can be used to create storyboards, presentations, and other infographics. I used Canva to create a storyboard for a digital story and it worked very well! It is easy to use and graphically pleasing. The iPhone app comes in handy for editing photos in a simple manner. The only negative aspect of this is that students must create an account to use it. Otherwise, it is free and can be used on an internet browser if a student does not have access to the app on a smart phone or tablet!