Canva: An Easy to Use Website Dedicated to Making the World More Beautiful

Submitted 5 years ago
Allison G.
Allison G.
Millard North High School
Omaha NE, US
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My Take

I think that Canva is great in the classroom. My only complaint is that students have to create an username and password. For my district, this means that I cannot require students to use this website. Students can find it on their own and use it, but I cannot lead them that way. Also, not all the templates are free. There are still hundreds to pick from, but sometimes I find something really neat, then look to see it cost money so I have to either pay or find something new. One thing I really like about Canva is that it automatically saves what you are working on. There is also a collaboration option, however this is a leveled up membership, meaning it does cost a small fee. My students have found great success with Canva and often get compliments from business professionals on what they have created for their competitive projects. I also like you can upload your own images into Canva. This allows you a little more freedom to make your own personalized creations. My students LOVE Canva and use it all the time. In fact by the end of the year they were asking if they could make Canva’s for me. Nearly everything in my room is now a Canva of some kind. I even had students craft their own graduation invites on the site. It is a great website for marketing students. I have seen nothing that compares. For now, I will continue to hope that my students tell each other about this great resource and that they keep creating!

How I Use It

Canva is easy to use. It only takes a few minutes to set up an account and from there you can take off and create anything and everything! Canva offers templates for social media posts, posters, invitations, infographics, presentations, and much more. The templates are easy to manipulate to make your own. If none of the templates work for you, no worries, you can create from a blank slate! My DECA students use Canva all the time for creating posters to promote our club and activities and to create invitations to special events. Since I cannot require students to create an account on any website, it is harder to use in classes. However, I do give students the opportunity to pick a platform for certain projects, and several students opt to use Canva. For example, in Merchandise Marketing students have created cleaver, professional looking advertisements. In Advanced Marketing students have created infographics to describe their research process. Everyday my students are finding new ways to use Canva. It has unleashed their creativity by allowing them to easily create professional looking products.