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Sweet game teaches early number sense; could use more game variety

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Platforms: iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch

Pros: Colorful graphics and straightforward tasks with clear instructions keep kids on track.

Cons: Three types of candy all teach the same skills in the same way.

Bottom Line: Fun way to introduce number sense to young kids, but game variety is limited.

Use the game as a fun learning-center activity. Have kids take turns playing the game individually, and be sure to adjust settings accordingly. For example, limit the number of items kids work with to 5 if they're just learning to sort and count. Place a number line somewhere near the learning center so kids can use it as needed. 

The game is very easy to use, which is ideal for young kids. At the home screen, kids tap the play button, the settings icon, or the developer's icon, which takes them to other products in the app store. After tapping the play button, kids can choose to play with jellybeans, gumdrops, or gummy bears. All three candies teach the same skills. Kids drag to sort candies by color, tap to count candies in jars and compare quantities, and drag to arrange jars in order. A timer tracks how long it takes kids to complete one round of the game.

Fun tool teaches kids such basic number-sense skills as counting, sorting, and ordering. Challenges start with simple sorting activities and gradually become more difficult. As a final challenge, kids have to sort candy-filled jars in order from fewest candies to most. Settings can be adjusted, so the number of items kids work with can range from 5 to 12. This interactive game features colorful, engaging graphics and friendly narration. Game variety is limited, however, so kids could lose interest, or they might not be able to easily transfer the learning to other settings. 

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Young learners will enjoy the colorful graphics and interactive features. More game variety could keep them engaged longer.


Difficulty increases as kids play, and settings can be adjusted depending on skill levels. 


Friendly narration encourages kids and guides them through the game. Hints could help struggling kids. 

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Very colorful and fun way to introduce some basic math skills.

The kids truly enjoy this app and it has lots of learning involved for early math skills. Kids with special needs respond well with this app and may need some general assistance to start it. Lower level students are the ones who will benefit the most. However, if students come into your class with a higher math ability at the beginning of the year, this is not the app for them to use.

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