Buncee - a versatile tool for all responsible users

Submitted 3 years ago
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It's a Win-Win for all involved! I love the endless ways I continue to find to use it! My students do not tire of it either! Buncee is most definitely a hot topic in my classroom!

How I Use It

Buncee has become a class favorite, both for me AND my students. I first discovered Buncee about 4 years ago and I can honestly say that the many ways I use it continue to grow. As a World Language teacher I am always looking for exciting ways to engage my students in their learning. I also love to use technology not only as a means for teaching and learning, but also to help students to think how they can take what I teach them to use, and how to apply it in other content areas. Buncee has changed so many of my units of study...I have created Hyperdocs for units which allow for personalized and blended learning. I love the features of Buncee Boards and the collaboration enabled by them. Buncee operates seamlessly with so many other apps also, and it is great to use it hand in hand with my Google Classroom. I have also offered PD in my district to train other teachers and support staff in how to use it. It made me SO happy this year to see 5th graders move up to the middle school where I teach and share their excitement to continue to use Buncee!