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English Language Arts

Price: Free, Paid
Platforms: Web

Pros: Flexible, attractive interface makes content creation a snap.

Cons: Bare-bones options for teacher feedback; potentially prohibitive cost.

Bottom Line: A neat tool for publishing online, possibly better suited to teacher content creation than student publishing.

Teachers can create their own Bulb collections and pages to share content for a unit or lesson. Assemble a series of primary-source images or articles as pages in a collection, and encourage students to review the pages and respond to them in writing or discussion. Each student also might contribute a page to a teacher-created collection: Consider using this as a way to have many students submit responses that other students can then review and comment on. Alternatively, ask students to create their own pages or collections: Students might use their Bulb collection as a place to show off their work over the course of the year or assemble a series of articles or images on a related topic. 

Bulb is a website for creating your own digital portfolios. Teachers and students can create their own free accounts and start creating pages (which feature text, images, and other media) and collections (which are groups of pages). The simple content-creation tool allows users to upload images, type, and add links. Finished posts have a slick look with large featured images and limited text on screen. 

Teachers get a free upgrade to bulb+ which include unlimited portfolio pages and storage. For others, this version is $30 per year. The standard free version included 10 portfolio pages and 2GB of storage.

Though Bulb's developers tout the site as a portfolio tool, it lacks some of the assessment features that distinguish other portfolio tools available. Teachers and students can comment on each other's pages, but that's about it: There aren't extensive features for tracking students' submissions or offering ongoing feedback or formative assessment. Overall, this is an attractive tool for creating web-based content and sharing it, but look elsewhere for a portfolio tool to help you track and assess students' work. 

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These portfolios and collections make bold images stand out, and it's appealing to create pro-looking webpages with only a few clicks. 


Publishing features make it easy for students to create and share their own content, but there's limited potential for peer collaboration or teacher feedback beyond a slim commenting feature. 


Short videos illustrate the site's potential, and the content creator is straightforward and easy to use. 

Community Rating

Great Tool for Non-Tech Veteran Teachers

It works well with Google Suite and the support team with bulb is always quick to respond with a smile. I liked that you can form different collections and then specific pages within a collection, its like having a digital binder. A tool that can help students stay organized is a blessing in itself. My intention this year is to use the product more explicitly as a digital journal for the year with an increased need for distance learning activities. I'm also encouraging students to embed more videos and audios to keep their viewers engaged. This tool has allowed my students and I the ability to grow with our use of technology in the classroom.

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Data Safety How safe is this product?

  • Users can interact with trusted users.
  • Personal information can be displayed publicly.
  • Unclear whether user-created content is filtered for personal information before being made publicly visible.

Data Rights What rights do I have to the data?

  • Users can create or upload content.
  • Processes to access or review user data are available.
  • Processes to modify data are available for authorized users.

Ads & Tracking Are there advertisements or tracking?

  • Personal information is not shared for third-party marketing.
  • Unclear whether this product displays traditional or contextual advertisements.
  • Unclear whether this product displays personalised advertising.

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