This awesome app isn't bugging me at all!

Submitted 7 years ago
Jess L.
Jess L.
Melvin E Sine School
Glendale AZ, US
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My Take

If you are looking for an app for skill practice, this is a great choice. The interactive components mixed into the skill review makes it engaging for kids. My students (preschool students with autism) are fascinated by both bugs and bubble, so this app creates a lot of interest. I really like that the app allows profiles for different users. Additionally, I like how it automatically adjusts based on student responses--without requiring the student (or teacher!) to have to manually change a level or restart the game.

How I Use It

This is a product for skill review and repeated practice in many areas, including; counting, patterns, shapes, sorting, and letters. Students navigate the app easily and seem mesmerized by the visuals and the music. It's great fine motor practice and can also be used for turn-taking in small groups or with the teacher. There were few difficulties navigating between the games, and students seemed to enjoy their time.