Highly engaging app that works on basic math skills and fine motor skills at the same time.

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McKinley Elementary School
Beaverton OR, US
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My Take

This is one of the top five apps in my autism classroom. Students love the beautiful graphics and variety of games. As a special education teacher I appreciate the ease of use (most of my young students can start playing right away) and how the app will adjust to the level of the student. If a child makes an error then the app will adjust to make sure that the student has multiple opportunities to learn the skill. The app works on counting skills, matching, patterns, fine motor skills, colors and a whole lot more. This is a must have for preschool, lower elementary and special education classrooms.

How I Use It

The only thing I would change is to allow multiple users to "sign in" with the opportunity to capture the data for each student. I have used this app is a small group setting (projected on a whiteboard) and have had no problems with 5-8 students taking turns because all of the students love to look at the graphics.