Wide variety of skills ...a tad of this and a tad of that

Submitted 9 years ago
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My Take

I thought the overall application was good. It had a LOT of different activities for the students to do and divided into quick "snack sized" samples. It fits the attention span of 5 yr olds. It engages skills from very simple (sorting by color) to the more difficult, higher level skills of a strategy game of 4 in a row. It does not give extended practice on any one skill, instead it is a quick review/introduction of the skill.

How I Use It

It is the perfect application to be used in individual remediation/practice groups. It has a lot of different activities but they pass through each skill quickly and move on to the next. I like the way it continues to change skills however there is also a place where the child can pick the skill they need to work on.