Math with Bugs!

Submitted 8 years ago
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My Take

This app is fun and creative. Students can pick what they want to work on and move through the five different levels which range from single to double digits. I really like that students are the beginning level are given a visual to help. This is a great way to help students and scaffold their learning. Another positive point is that the app adapts to your child. As they move through their lesson and get a certain number of correct they are moved up a level and given more challenging work. I would recommend this app for teachers and parents.

How I Use It

I would use this app to help support my students’ basic math skills. This app offers practice in both addition, subtraction, and both. This would be a good way to practice those skills or even as a review for a test/quiz. It goes up to double digit addition and subtraction so students can use this through a couple of grade levels. I could see using this if you did centers in your room. As they move through they could work on this app for 15 or so minutes.