Good videos for introductions or review of topics - great for flipped classroom setting!

Submitted 9 years ago
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My Take

My overall opinion about this product as a teaching tool is very favorable. I like the enthusiastic teachers, who are knowledgeable and break the concepts into small, manageable chunks that fit well into a high school student's attention span! My students come to class ready to complete activities and discuss concepts after viewing one of these videos as part of my flipped classroom homework assignments.

How I Use It

I often use this product as a homework assignment in my modified flipped classroom setting. After students view the video the night before, we use it as a springboard for questions and practice in small group settings in class the next day. It is a valuable addition to the videos I make for my students, as the content is clear and the length is usually short. The teachers presenting the chemistry series are very knowledgeable and explain concepts in a manner similar to mine, so they aren't confusing for the students.