Through this game students are able torecognize and interact with their favorite Sesame Street characters, while being able to learn 5 different methods of handling troubling situations , they may come across through their days, in the process.

Submitted 2 years ago
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For many students at the recommend grade level, Preschool, it is common to have little to no experience of spending time away from their parents and interacting with other children their age. With these unfamiliar elements being introduced, many students begin to become frustrated, whether when it is told that they have to share or come to realize that their parents can't stay in school with them. This software allows for children to become accustomed with these feelings and learn to deal with them and take responsibility, through helping their favorite Sesame Street characters take deep breaths and choosing the correct path to take. I believe the fact that the app is by Sesame Street is crucial, as it does help students deal and learn with frustration better when they are able to recognize a familiar face, or in this case monster !

How I Use It

Unlike most softwares, this software is useful for a one-time lesson or to be completed in small sessions throughout the week in short, fifteen minute intervals for each method provided. The app would work well when paired with a lesson of what frustration is and how it can be dealt with, as students at this level are overwhelmed with growing emotions and the app is a great way for students to learn self-calming techniques, that will carry with them for years to come !