Excellent way to teach young children relaxation strategies

Submitted 2 years ago
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My Take

My overall opinion on this activity is that it is an effective and fun way to teach a child strategies on how to simply breathe and relax when they feel frustrated. By having a fun and colorful monster as the main character to interact with in the game, the child gets to enjoy him/herself while also learning useful strategies. I don't think this app can completely teach a child all the possible ways on how to deal with their frustration, but I do think it is a useful tool to teach a child the simplest way in which to calm down, which is just to breathe. Overall, I think this app can definitely be used to help benefit a child in teaching them relaxation strategies in stressful situations.

How I Use It

This is an excellent tool to utilize to teach young children, typically I would say preschool to first grade, on how to stay calm and use relaxation techniques to not get frustrated and angry. By using breathing and relaxation techniques in a fun and interactive way, the child gets to help the "monster" calm down and breathe, which is teaching the child how calm him/herself down if they are in a similar situation. Just simply "breathe, think, and do." It's a fast and easy way for a child to learn how to relax and calm down.