Simulation that teaches students how the branches of government work.

Submitted 9 years ago
Randall B.
Randall B.
K–12 district
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My Take

The game provides a great opportunity for students to experience real-world decision making and see how the consequences of those decisions may pan out. It has provided a new means, for me as a teacher, to allow my students to illustrate their understanding of content from the class.

How I Use It

Students were placed on the game to apply their knowledge of how the branches of government work in relation to one another and apply their own knowledge to make decisions and see how they panned out. Students were able to see that their decisions would have on the entire process of passing laws. By providing a real-world scenario, students are able to apply their learning and see the real impacts that their decisions may have. Students enjoyed this game as it gave them an opportunity to apply their learning in a new way, rather than the simple test, quiz, essay format.