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Great for laws!

I like it. It is very friendly and informational. Little too focused on the legislative but not bad in terms of price.
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Great tool but could use more depth

As a teaching tool, I find that this would be a great way for students to illustrate their understanding of the three branches of government as well as showcase their problem solving skills in order to successfully complete the game. I like how easily this could be implemented a variety of social studies classes. It is highly malleable to different aspects and lessons in social studies. It could serve students better is there was more depth in the content.
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Simulation that teaches students how the branches of government work.

The game provides a great opportunity for students to experience real-world decision making and see how the consequences of those decisions may pan out. It has provided a new means, for me as a teacher, to allow my students to illustrate their understanding of content from the class.
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Great hook for students to connect prior knowledge and new understanding together regarding checks and balances and processes unique to each branch.

This product could be improved with the addition of extension activities that provided a platform for students to learn more specifics about about each process by researching online.
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This product may prove helpful to build background knowledge on the branches of government

This resource may help to build background on the branches of government.
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Fun way to reinforce information on the three branches of government

I used this product with my 8th grade students as part of our unit on the Constitution. Though we read and analyze the Constitution, many students don't spend the time to truly understand the different parts of the Constitution and thus don't understand the structure of the US government. Even though, it probably is geared toward younger students, my 8th grade students still enjoy playing it and appreciate the game aspect of it.
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Fun interactive lessons on the workings of the three branches

This looks like a great program for deepening the understanding of our system of government as well as the deeper intricacies of the three branches.
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Get Students Hooked on Learning the Branches of Government

Love it! This game is great for students in 3rd and 4th grade to really see the insights into making laws, signing them into law and making sure they uphold to the constitution. It will keep the kids engaged and drive numerous great questions to discuss as a whole group. Be aware though that there is a lot of reading to be done for the kids to complete this game. I wish you could save your work on the program too, but unfortunately you have to complete it in one sitting of about 30 minutes.
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