Short videos make learning even the most complex topics fun and easy.

Submitted 9 years ago
Jessica W.
Jessica W.
Technology Integration Specialist
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My Take

I have taught in the elementary for over 10 years, and these videos are always crowd pleasers. Tim and Moby are fun and the kids can't help laughing at the antics of the robot, Moby. I am always impressed how they take even the most complex topics and break it down in to an informative, bite-sized piece, without talking down to the students. The quizzes, games and activities that go along with the videos are also a great resource. The only down side is that it is a subscription service and can be out of the price range for many schools.

How I Use It

I usually use the brainpop videos as part of my anticipatory set for a lesson. The videos engage the students and help hook them in to learning. I have also used the videos as a resource for a research project and as a review at the end of a lesson.