What Library Media Specialists think of BrainPop Jr.

Submitted 4 years ago
Ashley G.
Ashley G.
Essex Elementary
Essex MD, US
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My Take

BrainPop Jr. is an excellent teaching tool. It also allows students to be engaged in the topic by teaching students from a cartoon video aspect. I really like how there is a quiz or an additional activity with the video, to really test students knowledge about the topic and video they have watched. The only critique I would give is that BrainPop Jr. requires you to log in to watch videos. It would be helpful if majority of the videos did not require a log in.

How I Use It

I use BrainPop Jr. for grades K-2. The variety of topics , brings another form of learning for students. In grades 1 & 2 ,I let students use their headphones and review the BrainPop Jr. video at their own pace. For kindergarten students, we do whole group instruction due to them not having 1 on 1 devices. BrainPop Jr. also has a quiz associated with every video, that will test a students knowledge to make sure they understood the video. I recently showed a BrainPop Jr. video as an engagement portion to a new lesson I was teaching to first grade about finding just right books.