If your kids don't ask to watch Moby now, they will after one lesson!

Submitted 4 years ago
Ravan  M.
Ravan M.
Watchung Elementary School
Montclair NJ, US
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My Take

I think this teaching tool is a great way to introduce even our youngest students to complex concepts. BrainPOP does an excellent job of making the concepts simple enough to understand and the extension activities are a great way to check for understanding. Over the last few years, BrainPop has significantly increased their offerings and now includes lesson plans for educators and even certification courses for becoming a BrainPop educator. If you are looking for creative, engaging ways to reach your students, then BrainPop is for you.

How I Use It

I am currently a technology teacher in a K-5 building. Brain Pop Jr. is an excellent resource to introduce my itty bitties to the basics of technology such as parts of a computer, email, internet safety, etc. Generally, I use this program with the whole class and will pause the video to have a quick class discussion when the BrainPop Jr. questions initially pop up. This allows me to get an understanding of what prior knowledge my students may have already. When the video finishes, we do one of the extension activities whether it be the quizzes, games, etc.