Great introduction to a vast array of topics!

Submitted 4 years ago
Candace R.
Candace R.
Mountain View Elementary
Shelton WA, US
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My Take

This is a well-done educational tool. It is highly engaging for the younger students with its humorous main characters and short, but informative, videos. The assessment can be at a very basic level or slightly higher, which is helpful given the spread of abilities in K-2. The games and paper/pencil activities are a nice addition, but not really necessary. They are good “filler” if needed to reinforce the concept a bit.

How I Use It

Brainpop, jr. is a great tool to introduce a topic and leads very nicely into further study. The assessment is a quick check in with the students and can act as a starting point for further investigation. It can be used in many subject areas and the students always appreciate the the familiarity of the characters, as well as the humor.