Great way to engage students in new concepts.

Submitted 5 years ago
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My Take

I think this tool has made significant improvements that make it far more suitable to the special education classroom. It is a valuable teaching tool as it provides exposure to concepts and facts in a way that is engaging to students. I have never looked for a theme or concept and not found a Brainpop Jr movie. I think it is good for collaboration and communication and also individual work. It is also accessible to students at many levels. Sometimes I feel that the movies are a little fast-paced for some of my students and would prefer if they used less complicated sentences. However, most students can follow them after a few viewings. The assessment tools are very useful to tell which students have understood the concepts.

How I Use It

My students have autism. They are challenged with focus and communication skills. I use Brainpop Jr to introduce new concepts by showing the movie to the whole class. Students are familiar with the characters and format of the movies. As a class we do the quiz and sometimes the game. My students then log in and watch the movie again and complete the quiz. The assessment tools show me which students have learned the concepts and which students need more work. My students love the 'draw it' tool and some love to use the 'write about it tool' I also like that there are two levels of quiz that I can assign to different students.