Great Site to Quickly Assess Students

Submitted 9 years ago
Laci M.
Laci M.
Broadmoor Elementary School
Lafayette LA, US
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My Take

This site is great to quickly assess student learning. It is filled with short videos that teachers can utilize with their students. There are many resources available with each video too. There are quizzes, activities, vocabulary, etc. You could use these resources in a variety of ways: in class assignments, homework assignments, quizzes to quickly assess student learning for a lesson you taught and/or from the video, etc.

How I Use It

I frequently use Brainpop, Jr. to give my students a different exposure to the content that I am teaching. I will show them the video, typically at the beginning of a lesson, and we regularly also take the quiz/quizzes associated with the particular video. My students love Brainpop, Jr. and often beg to watch a Brainpop, Jr. video in class. The videos are very engaging and relatable, and they show my students a different side to the content that I teach than what I can teach them alone.