Wonderful Activator for Students!!

Submitted 9 years ago
Aimee M.
Aimee M.
Ware County Middle School
Waycross GA, US
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My Take

Words can not describe how much I love BrainPop Jr! The cartoons are very engaging to the students. They get so excited when they see BrainPop show up! I love how it the movies explains everything they need to know without going over their head. It speaks to them in their age and language. I could go on and on about this resource because it is just so awesome.

How I Use It

I use this as an activator in my lessons. I use BrainPop Jr for my K-2 Students. In Grades 3-5 I use the BrainPop. I also teach EL students and I use the EL component to BrainPop as well. I also use the quizzes to make sure the students are understanding the concept I am teaching. I also use the other components to differentiate instruction as well.