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Beth B.
Beth B.
English for Speakers of Other Languages
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Very clearly written information on a variety of topics. Includes touches of humor too. Videos aren't too long (appx 5-8 minutes) and are written in a question then answer research style. Simple, clear visuals like animated pictures and labels support learning. My students get excited when they see I've got BrainPop Jr on the screen for them. I like that the narrator, a young girl with her silly mute robot friend, speaks slowly and clearly, but with inflection so that it's not boring. Also, the videos take time to highlight and define important vocabulary words.

How I Use It

I use it when I'm leading instruction, full or small group. Sometimes at the beginning to activate or build background knowledge and other times as our second source when we're researching more information about a topic. There are activities and quizzes for students to use individually, but I haven't experimented with that. It's advertised as K-3, but videos tend to be a little too high for most of my kindergarten students, the majority of whom are learning English. Recently, with my first graders, I've used the food groups videos (this was a longer video so I broke it up over the unit and just showed the part about the food group we were studying that day) and a couple of the United States symbols videos. There

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