Horrible Site used by desperate students for CHEATING

Submitted 4 years ago
Kimberly L.
Kimberly L.
Daniel McLaughlin Therrell High School
Atlanta GA, US
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My Take

As a teacher, I find this tool as used by most students to be yet another site to help students cheat on work that is not supervised i.e. homework, classwork left with sub, assignments completed outside of school or anywhere the teacher isn't present. I would not use this platform, because it does not focus on how to secure the intellectual property of other companies. Schools need to start thinking about how they block sites like Brainly from their networks. The potential of this site might be different IF they focused on prohibiting cheating and copy and pasting from sites all over the web. Unfortunately, instead of offering free online tutorial, this site just allows students to beg for answers that many times aren't even correct.

How I Use It

I will not use the platform. There are more useful platforms for teachers. I learned about this site while listening to some students talk about how they finished an online assignment. If you visit the site, you can see how students who don't feel like reading, etc. can open up a new window and copy and paste the question or prompt into Brainly. The site is user generated by its members and appears to have students posting random homework questions/test questions/and quiz questions online. Students accrue points if they answer questions for other students...When I caught a student cheating, I asked why not just pay attention to the module or even better the lesson given by your teacher so that you wouldn't need to cheat.....They responded that "It's not cheating because it's all online anyway....."

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