Algebra based game development for the non programmer

Submitted 7 years ago
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I've used it and will continue to do so until I find a better way of reinforcing math concepts through a practical application. The Bootstrap support team is second to none. Don't be afraid to use the program in parts, some teachers feel that they have "failed" if their students don't get to complete their game. Students enjoy the practical application of math concepts and will enjoy the process.There are many resources available on their website. The program is free for New York City teachers, it may be free for your school as well.

How I Use It

I use it to reinforce the math curriculum, although colleagues have used it in parts to reinforce the algebra curriculum and provide practical applications of algebra concepts. I use the entire curriculum with my 8th grade students, but use parts of it with 6th grade students. I like that you don't have to use the entire curriculum and it is setup so that you know what standards and math concepts each unit correlates to. Students really enjoy seeing math come to life. Some concepts may take a little longer with some students, this may cause some problems with students actually completing their game.

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