Exciting way to share student writing

Submitted 9 years ago
Aaron A.
Aaron A.
The Barstow School
Kansas City MO, US
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Book Creator is an excellent way to publish student work. This app helps students collect words, images and audio into a simple, effective, sharable book. Addressable to students in all grades and all abilities. The app does exactly what it says - makes a book. Student created work can be imported and placed on each page. The simplicity of the app encourages creativity by the student.

How I Use It

My kids in Kindergarten used BC to illustrate their learning about trees. They used iPads to take pictures of leaves, bark and trees then imported those images into a book project. They used "add sound" to record what they had learned. Fifth graders published their creative writing and then shared their books using QR codes and saved iBooks files on Google Drive.
Making a book is fun, but ultimately it is important to be able to share your work. Book Creator makes it possible to create and share a high quality project with a (potentially) wide audience.