Easy and fun way to make a classroom website

Submitted 8 years ago
Miriam K.
Miriam K.
Cornell Elementary School
Coraopolis PA, US
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My Take

I really like using this product. Students should have a gmail/google account to use this product effectively. While there are some easy aspects to using Blogger, it can take some time to figure out all of the nuances. Also, every time you edit it will open up in a new window, that can get a little hard to keep track of. It takes a little time exploring to make sure that you have the blog setup in the way you would like. I find that after the initial time, it goes pretty quickly.

How I Use It

We have used this tool at the school for a number of years now. Some teacher shave their own blogs that are just used as informational pieces, and other high school classrooms have blogs that are student driven. I have used Blogger for both of those applications. The students love being able to create and add to a classroom blog. The teacher can post questions and add pages based on the topic being discussed and the students can do the same.

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