Community of educators shares common core lesson ideas, resources and best practices

Submitted 8 years ago
Ruth O.
Ruth O.
Victory Elementary School
Portsmouth VA, US
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This website does a great job of curating lessons and resources that have been shared by expert teachers. Some have video from the explaining how or why the teacher chose to plan a certain sequence. Many resources that can be used “as is” in class to replicate the instructional sequence are also provided. In addition to searching by common core standard, you can search by keyword. Educators who join the Better Lesson community have the option of sharing lessons and resources as well. So, by joining the better lesson community you can participate in the sharing as well as benefit from what others have shared.

How I Use It

I use the site to find best practice ideas that could be used in lessons that I plan. For example, one lesson introduced a practice called “Book Bits” for prediction. While I had never heard of that activity, I could immediately see its application in a lesson that I was planning. Since many of the lessons emphasize cross curricular studies, I have found ideas for both social studies and science as well.

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