Pretty but Content and Engagement Falls Far Short

Submitted 8 years ago
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I would not recommend this as a teaching tool. In this age of media and technology, it takes more than a pretty interface to get the job done. Content is disjointed and limited: for example, California has two items to click "The Golden Gate Bridge" and "Los Angeles." A great addition would be Interactive scavenger hunts or games that bring purpose to clicking around the world.

How I Use It

About the only use I could find for this app would be a short exploration of the globe. Students enjoy poking around a bit, but there's not much engagement in an assortment of random facts. At 1.5GB, this is a very large app, and it doesn't deliver nearly enough to justify that kind of space. You can find much better quality resources for free online, such as, Google earth, Nat Geo, Discovery, and CIA Fact Book.

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