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Pretty but Content and Engagement Falls Far Short

I would not recommend this as a teaching tool. In this age of media and technology, it takes more than a pretty interface to get the job done. Content is disjointed and limited: for example, California has two items to click "The Golden Gate Bridge" and "Los Angeles." A great addition would be Interactive scavenger hunts or games that bring purpose to clicking around the world.
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An interactive encloypedia of with a focus on geography and cultural studies

I think for group projects at the high school level this could be very useful as a reference point for students to design projects based on different cultures but its not a simulation nor does it have enough engaging aspects to make it interesting for younger students. It's a better alternative to using a encyclopedia when looking at geography and international studies and that's all I can really say about it as a educational tool.
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Beautiful app for browsing the world

This app is beautiful with full color and interactivity. While traveling around the world like most geography apps students are able to quickly resize the world, flip, and turn it with a simple two finger gesture. Around the world are different people and objects standing on top of the earth. These include fact sets that pop up when hovering over the item. Some also include videos.
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This app is engaging and informative.

Learning should always be this engaging. This atlas has all of the general atlas features packaged in a colorful and fun package with all the right extras. It is searchable by not only moving the Earth around, zooming, and tapping but also by region, country, and feature (ie fox). Articles can be favorited and shared (email etc). Actual pictures and pronunciations are also included. There are too many features to name. This can be used in the classroom or at home. I highly recommend this product.
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