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Assessment, Formative Assessment, Game-Based Learning, Instructional Design

Price: Free
Platforms: Web

Pros: Ability to design a wide range of questions to personalize assessments.

Cons: Platform can be clunky to use, and there are limited options for assessment and sharing quizzes with students.

Bottom Line: Offers greater control in designing questions, but quizzes can only be stored on the device browser or exported as a file.

Badaboom turns content review and assessment into fun classroom competitive games with instant student feedback. Flexibility in designing questions personalizes the learning experience. When designing a quiz, you aren't limited to only one answer for multiple-choice questions; you can select several correct responses. When starting a new novel unit, create a pre-assessment for vocabulary and essential terms, having students select all correct synonyms for words. When checking for student understanding in science about types of energy, create a multiple-choice question asking students to select several responses from a list of everyday examples. This could open up valuable discussions in small groups with evidence to support answers. Especially helpful in math and science are handwritten responses that transform into text, and allowing students to respond using symbols.   

The platform can be hard to work with, so it's helpful to have questions prepared ahead of time before starting. And since quiz creation includes an automatic save, be careful not to clear your web browser's cache, cookies, and history before exporting the quiz as a JSON file -- for future use or to access it on a different device.

Badaboom, a free web-based student-response system, allows teachers to create quizzes that can be played on various devices. Customizable multiple-choice questions allow options for more than one correct answer, adding a deeper dimension of understanding. Handwritten survey responses convert to text and can be displayed as a word cloud (for open-ended questions). Teachers can create their own quizzes using guided prompts, with an automatic save in the browser. 

Teachers and students don't need an account to use Badaboom; students access quizzes through a QR code or link projected on the screen. Music and timers can be individualized for each game for additional fun.

Badaboom extends classroom learning to allow teachers to create personalized quizzes or surveys, whether to introduce new lessons or review learned information. Teachers control the number of correct answers or a written response to enhance all content areas. A game-like format engages students as they receive instant feedback for each question. Survey-type questions open avenues for discussions in small group settings. 

There are some downsides to Badaboom. The platform can be difficult to work with, and, though guide boxes assist teachers through the process, a manual sheet would be valuable ahead of time. Also, premade quizzes aren't available, which could save teachers a lot of time. The final data is limited, listing the percentage of students correct on each question. The quiz can be exported as a CSV or XSLX file, but again, the data consists of a percentage for each question answered correctly, as well as the response time. Helpful information would include how students answered each question individually. Therefore, Badaboom is limited as a diagnostic tool.   

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Students learn through a gamified response system that creates a fun, competitive atmosphere.


Badaboom could easily be adapted for all content areas as a game-like tool for assessment and review of information. Flexibility and options for questions include multiple answers.


There's limited written documentation, though help boxes assist teachers during actual quiz development. The site lacks any additional instructional links for help or personal assistance.

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