Wonderful for eliciting language from Special Needs Students

Submitted 9 years ago
Marybeth M.
Marybeth M.
Weaver Elementary School
West Memphis AR, US
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My Take

I LOVE this App in my Self Contained Special Needs K-3 classroom. However I do not use it quite as it was intended, which was for emotions. I actually don't think the Emotions expressed are extreme enough for teaching my students with Autism. The large variety of items (hats, glasses, bubbles, foods etc) that students can manipulate and share with the animals keeps it feeling fresh and engaging.

How I Use It

I use this app with special needs students with limited language. It is great at eliciting language from naming the items they want to give to the animal ("hat," "bubbles") to commenting on what happens ("he's cold," "he's laughing," "eating hotdog,"). We talk about colors when they can paint the animals, or washing up when they scrub them clean with a sponge,

Another important way we have been using it is for refining fine motor "touch" skills. I had several student start the year unable to access the iPad. This app was so engaging and motivating to them that they quickly figured out how they needed to use a single finger and not have their "helper hand" on the touch screen.