This has revolutionized my classroom.

Submitted 7 years ago
Mark T.
Mark T.
Exeter High School
Exeter NH, US
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My Take

Everyone that uses ASSISTments loves it. The students love how they get instant feedback, can work at their own pace, and do not have to do extra work (one feature stops them after 3 correct problems in a row). Teachers love ASSISTments because it saves time with grading, gives instant feedback on an individual and class level, creates detailed reports, and engages the students to a higher level of motivation.

How I Use It

I use both the ASSISTments created content and my own content with my classes. Using the ASSISTments Certified content allows me to supplement material for learners who need intervention. Using the textbook content, along with my own content, allows me to save 20 minutes each day from the tedious workflow of homework. The students enter their answers online, and the receive instant feedback on their work. I also receive instant feedback on completion and accuracy, which allows me to save time in grading and also see how my students are learning at all time. The homework rate in my classes went way up after using ASSISTments.